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Mayor John Williams

Welcome to the newly developed website!


This site features the most valuable resources of our community – the men, women, and families that live and work here in Colstrip.

Colstrip was established as a company town in the early 1920s by the Northern Pacific Railroad.  The nearby mine provided coal to use in steam locomotives for over 34 years.  By 1950 the mine closed when the locomotives switched to diesel for fuel.  Colstrip then became a tiny town with minimal population until the 1960’s when the coal mines reopened to provide coal for the newly constructed electrical generation stations.

In 1998 Colstrip, then a vibrant community, incorporated as a third-class city and began its path of building a community concentrating on the quality of life for the families that live and work here.

The City of Colstrip has always been forward-thinking.  The town’s slogan of ‘Tomorrow’s Town Today’ reflects that spirit.  While we all have tremendous pride in our energy resources and heritage, we also most importantly greet and meet the critical mission of the city to enhance the high quality of life for our residents through the continued improvement of the many services provided.


Welcome to Colstrip, Montana!

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