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Penny McPherson

City Judge

Judge Penny McPherson is a non-attorney judge who was appointed May 1, 2019, to complete the prior Judge, Gail Beckham’s term. In December 2019, Ms. McPherson was appointed for another four (4) years. Judge McPherson brings to the table 25 years of judicial knowledge from her previous career as a Deputy Clerk of Court, Judicial Assistant to District Court Judge Joe L. Hegel, and 23 years as the Rosebud County Victim/Witness Assistant employed by three different Rosebud County Attorneys.

Judge McPherson is a member of the Montana Magistrates Association as well as the National Judges Association. She has always been interested and involved in the Judicial field and believes that everyone has a voice.


City Court

Exclusive jurisdiction over City Codes and Ordinance violations

Landlord/Tenant actions not exceeding $12,000.00

Civil Cases not exceeding $12,000.00

Orders of Protection

Search Warrants

Felony Initial Appearances

Involuntary Commitment Hearings

Juvenile Matters

Misdemeanor Traffic Violations

Possession of Alcohol / Tobacco Offenses

Juvenile Detention Hearings

Civil and Criminal Contempt

Title 61 – Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses

Title 45 – Misdemeanor Criminal Violation

Maximum 6 months jail and $500.00 fine

Maximum 1 year on high misdemeanor offenses

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