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Colstrip City Council

Colstrip operates under a charter form of government, with the citizens electing a mayor and four council members to set the policies of city government. The mayor and council members are elected to four-year terms.

As part of each meeting agenda, action may be taken on: policies, zoning matters, awarding of contracts to purchase equipment, supplies, or for construction improvements within the city, ordinances, and resolutions.


During meetings, citizens may address the council on items pertaining to the agenda or any other matter the City Council has authority to consider.


Minutes of past city council meetings and the agenda of the next council meeting is posted at this site.

City Council Members

Rose Hanser       Term Expires 12/31/25

Wayne Dudley    Term Expires 12/31/23

Greg Koczur        Term Expires 12/31/25

Jack Rosander     Term Expires 12/31/23

2023 Council Committee/Board Assignments

Following is a list of local boards and committees Colstrip Council members, residents and/or employees have agreed to serve on:

911 Board

Cory Hert

City Planning Board

Jolene Verlanic, Wendy Acton, Kala de la Ossa, Zane Longacre, Wayne Dudley, and Gary Parry

Colstrip Fire Dept Advisory Board

Greg Koczur, Jackson Craig, Rusty Batie, Garrick Goodheart, and Ryan McCracken

Colstrip Impact Foundation

Greg Koczur, Stacy Yates, Rick McCulloch, Jim Atchison, Sabrina Neiman, and Mike Cadwell

Colstrip Police Commission

Duane Cole, Kathy McLane, and Jolene Verlanic

Colstrip Cemetery

Joan Hantz, Rick McCulloch, Dan Negethon, Tasha Miller and Janet Whitaker

County Planning Board

Garry Parry, Kami Egan, Jan Morgan, and Pat Zent

County Solid Waste Board

Rob Pontius & Pat Zent


Duane Cole, Cory Hert, Greg Koczur and John Williams

Rosebud Conservation District

Kathy McLane (represents Colstrip)

Southeastern Montana Development Corporation

John Williams

Zoning Commission

Greg Koczur, Zane Longacre, John O’Toole, Michelle Richards, and Rose Hanser

Minutes       |       Agenda's

If you need a date that is not posted, please get in touch with City Hall at 406-748-2300
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