All dog and cat licenses expire January 31st of each year. Residents have the month of February to renew animal licenses before late fees are assessed beginning March 1st. Late fees are $5.00 per licensed animal. When licensing a dog or cat a current rabies vaccination record need to be presented from the veterinarian; a rabies tag from the veterinarian is not proper verification.

The fees are: 

One Year Licenses Spayed Dog or Cat: $5.00

Two Year Licenses Spayed Dog or Cat: $10.00

One Year Unaltered Dog or Cat: $10.00

Two Year Unaltered Dog or Cat: $20.00

Late Fee beginning March 1st: $5.00

Duplicate Fee (if original tag is lost) $2.00

New residents to the community have thirty (30) days in which to license their dog or cat before the late fee shall apply.
More information on Ordinance No.2001-06 can be found on the city’s website at

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