Happy SpringAs I begin this newsletter it will be on a positive note with assurances to our residents as we deal with the issues associated with coronavirus. We all need to work together with the assurance that this too will pass. Your City will continue to work effectively in all areas of our responsibility for the services that we provide to our residents. There will be no shortcuts or issues of non-compliance with any of the services that we provide.

The City has responsible supervisors in all areas that are knowledgeable and efficient and will provide the safeguards for the protection of all our residents. You have assurance from me that I will perform the duties of my office that I have sworn to uphold. We all need to work together, not panic and be supportive of one another.

In other important matters that I will include in this newsletter is the action the City is undertaking regarding NorthWestern Energy’s Application with the Montana Public Service Commission (MPSC) regarding additional ownership of unit 4. The City has filed a petition with the MPSC to intervene in this filing. Our petition to intervene has been accepted by the MPSC and the points of this intervention are as follows:

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