700871wbwp6gsjmwThese continue to be challenging times for all of us. While we individually may have different ideas regarding our future, we all need to be collectively supportive of one another. I, as much as anyone, feel the pain and frustration of dealing with those that either directly or indirectly threaten the quality of life we have in Colstrip. Ideally, ten years down the road Units 3 & 4 will be operating with coal from the Rosebud Mine. We will have diversification of energy sources on the transmission lines and other types of economic diversification within our community. Let’s all continue to work together.

The City of Colstrip is moving forward in support of NorthWestern Energy’s acquisition of additional ownership in Unit 4. I have prepared testimony in support of the discovery process and look forward to its presentation with the Montana Public Service Commission. I would like to share this information with you as part of this newsletter (see pages 2 & 3).