Happy HolidayMerry Christmas!  Wow, what a year it has been for your city dealing with a new experience - COVID.  It has been a challenge for everyone.  I appreciate all the support from the residents as we have done our best to maintain quality service for all of you.  Thank you to the City Employees as they have continued to provide great service to our residents.  This year has seen significant improvement and completion of many projects.

We finally completed the Zone 3 Water Storage Tank.  This was a 2.3 million dollar project.  After many delays and weather challenges it has been completed.  A very worthy landmark in our community with the city’s logo.  
In my last newsletter article I provided some information on the Colstrip Cemetery.  Thanks to some additional information from Dan Negethon I would like to update.  After the property was donated by Rosebud County, a local survey company comprised of two Colstrip residents, Jim Rogers and Dan Negethon, actually surveyed, designed and developed the cemetery site plan.  For a period of time Dan Negethon managed the cemetery as its first manager.  Dan also designed the original sign for the high school kids to fabricate.  Thank you Dan for adding this information.