Dear Juror:

It is a privilege to welcome you as a juror in this court and thank you for your time and

willingness to serve your community in this capacity.

The right to a trial by jury is guaranteed under the United States constitution and the

Constitution of the State of Montana. The effectiveness of the jury system depends upon the

willingness of all citizens to perform their duty as jurors, as well as their ability to be fair and

impartial while deciding the facts and applying the law as instructed. Yours is a serious duty,

and is of great importance to all those involved.

I believe that you will find jury service interesting and that you will achieve some

satisfaction knowing that you made a significant contribution to our justice system, which was

created to serve all citizens. It is my hope that this guide will assist you in the proper execution

of your role as a juror.

While jury service may sometimes be inconvenient, it is an extremely important civic

duty. Without citizens willing to serve as jurors, the American system of justice could not exist.

Again, I thank you for your service as a juror in Colstrip City Court.


Honorable Gail D. Beckham

Colstrip City Judge


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