Happy HolidayMerry Christmas!  Wow, what a year it has been for your city dealing with a new experience - COVID.  It has been a challenge for everyone.  I appreciate all the support from the residents as we have done our best to maintain quality service for all of you.  Thank you to the City Employees as they have continued to provide great service to our residents.  This year has seen significant improvement and completion of many projects.

We finally completed the Zone 3 Water Storage Tank.  This was a 2.3 million dollar project.  After many delays and weather challenges it has been completed.  A very worthy landmark in our community with the city’s logo.  
In my last newsletter article I provided some information on the Colstrip Cemetery.  Thanks to some additional information from Dan Negethon I would like to update.  After the property was donated by Rosebud County, a local survey company comprised of two Colstrip residents, Jim Rogers and Dan Negethon, actually surveyed, designed and developed the cemetery site plan.  For a period of time Dan Negethon managed the cemetery as its first manager.  Dan also designed the original sign for the high school kids to fabricate.  Thank you Dan for adding this information.


700871wbwp6gsjmwThese continue to be challenging times for all of us. While we individually may have different ideas regarding our future, we all need to be collectively supportive of one another. I, as much as anyone, feel the pain and frustration of dealing with those that either directly or indirectly threaten the quality of life we have in Colstrip. Ideally, ten years down the road Units 3 & 4 will be operating with coal from the Rosebud Mine. We will have diversification of energy sources on the transmission lines and other types of economic diversification within our community. Let’s all continue to work together.

The City of Colstrip is moving forward in support of NorthWestern Energy’s acquisition of additional ownership in Unit 4. I have prepared testimony in support of the discovery process and look forward to its presentation with the Montana Public Service Commission. I would like to share this information with you as part of this newsletter (see pages 2 & 3).




sewer truckThe City of Colstrip is accepting sealed bids for the sale of specified surplus vehicles. Minimum bid limits have been established for each item. Bids submitted below the specified minimum bid limit will be rejected. Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope plainly marked “2020 Surplus Vehicle Bid”. The following vehicles are included in this sale:

1981 Chevrolet Pickup
2000 Ford Ranger
2000 Chevrolet Pickup
2008 Ford Crown Victoria
1970 Pierce Snorkel Fire Truck
2003 Sterling/Vac-Con Jet Truck

The City of Colstrip does not provide any type of warranty or guarantee either expressed or implied regarding the bid items. All bids must be received no later than January 4, 2021 at 5:00 PM. No late bids, faxed, e-mailed or telephone bids will be accepted. Bid forms and detailed bid instructions may be obtained at Colstrip City Hall, located at 12 Cherry Street, Colstrip, MT, online at www.cityofcolstrip.com or by email to cityclerk@cityofcolstrip.com. All bid proposals must be made on the bid proposal form supplied by the City of Colstrip.

1651483As school starts, foot traffic along city sidewalks increases. Please be aware of the increased use and make sure that the sidewalks in front of our homes are clear. Make sure garbage containers are placed off the sidewalks and into the streets for pickup. Check the area behind any vehicles parked in driveways to make sure the sidewalk is not blocked or impeded by hitches sticking out into the foot traffic area. Cleared sidewalks make our community safe for all walkers, especially our children.

According to local noxious weed experts, September and October are the most effective months to spray those infestations of Spotted Knapweed, Canada Thistle and Field Bindweed. Remember it is against the law to allow noxious weeds to propagate and it is the property owner’s responsibility to get rid of the weeds. The county has provided us with weed information booklets that help identifying weed problems. Just stop by City Hall and pick one up. Or call the Rosebud County weed control official, Amy Adler, for help identifying noxious weeds on your property and the most effective sprays to use in your area.

If I can be of further help, please call 406-748-2300 ext. 2305. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Again, thanks for taking prompt attention helping to control our noxious weeds and sidewalk safety.

Kami Egan, Zoning & Code Enforcement Official