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Building and Zoning

The City of Colstrip has adopted regulations that help maintain the quality of life within the city. The zoning codes have regulations concerning land uses, building setbacks, storage and parking of vehicles and general property maintenance. These ordinances provide for the separation of incompatible land uses (industrial plants next to residential areas) and separation of buildings to enhance safety. They strive to protect the community from conditions of blight caused by overgrown weeds, junk vehicles, abandoned homes or accumulations of debris that may affect public health or create a nuisance within a community or neighborhood. Property conditions such as these can directly affect the neighborhood by lowering property values, attracting vermin and disease carriers such as rats, feral animals and mosquitoes as well as contribute to the decline of other property. It is the code officer’s job to help residents comply with zoning regulations or to determine if a permit is needed. Just call the Code Enforcement Office at 748-2300 ex. 2305.


Residential building permits are available through the Building or Zoning Department at Colstrip City Hall. Building permits are required to ensure that building construction complies with the International Building Codes. Zoning permits are usually required with all building permits to ensure that setback requirements are met to protect public safety and property values. Many of these forms are available to you on line. The City of Colstrip requires that all construction be checked to make sure it complies with the international building codes. This service is provided at no additional cost to you for the protection of you and of your neighbors against potential structural problems that may arise during building construction. Call 748-2300 ex. 2305 to set up a time for the inspection. Be sure to allow two or three days advance notice so a time can be arranged for the building inspector to come out to check your site.

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