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Colstrip Volunteer Fire Department


Tony Reda

Fire Chief - Started 02/21/2006

I was welcomed to the community of Colstrip in 2004 and have been an active member of the volunteer fire department for the last 20 years. My role as a firefighter has led me to serve in numerous capacities, including Captain, Assistant Chief, and Chief. Regardless of title, my favorite duty as a firefighter will always be giving back to the community. The time I spend with the citizens of Colstrip, and the surrounding communities, reminds me that I am part of something bigger than myself.

Lastly, the comradery and brotherhood that flows through the fire service community have also been a very influential part of my experience. I know I can always visit with a fellow firefighter, no matter the location! 

I look forward to continuing my service to the Colstrip community and encouraging others to find a way to serve!

We are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to learn more please call  the Boese Training Center at 406-748-3625

Did you know?


Every 5 years the City of Colstrip undergoes an extensive evaluation by the ISO (Insurance Services Office). Many hours of effort are put forth to ensure the evaluation is as accurate as possible. Upon completion of the evaluation, the city is awarded a score/rating ranging from 1-10, with 1 being the best. The score reflects how prepared a community and area is for fires. While it mainly focuses on the local fire departments and water supply, there are other factors that contribute to an area’s score. An ISO score has the power to affect the insurance premiums of every homeowner in the area.

The City of Colstrip currently has an ISO rating of 04/4Y. This is a very favorable rating, especially for a city of our size that maintains its fire protection services with a volunteer department. The effort and financial support that goes into updating and maintaining our fire department equipment and water infrastructure is crucial to maintaining a favorable rating for the citizens of Colstrip.


Should you wish to learn more about the ISO process, please click on the link below:

Application Process

Volunteers are continually being recruited to serve the community through involvement with the Colstrip Fire Department. Interested individuals are invited to complete an application. The initial application includes a general volunteer application form, a background check application form, a list of references, and other relevant information needed to determine if the applicant meets the criteria for a volunteer position.

Once all of the initial application materials are returned to the secretary of the fire department, she/he will secure a complete background check on the applicant. The secretary will place the review of the application on the fire board meeting agenda when all of the background information has been secured. The fire board and Chief will review the volunteer application at its board meeting and make a recommendation to recruit the applicant, reject the applicant, or request additional information to make a determination. All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements as stipulated by State Law, City of Colstrip, and Colstrip Fire Department policies.

Applicants that the fire board recommends being recruited will be offered the volunteer position contingent upon successful completion of a physical exam and drug/alcohol test. A physical exam and drug/alcohol test that has been used for employment purposes within the past twelve months may meet the criteria; however, the fire department reserves the right to request a physical exam and/or drug/alcohol test from a provider of their choice and at the department’s expense.

Applicants recommended by the Fire Board to be recruited and successfully complete the physical exam and drug/alcohol testing will be recommended to the Colstrip City Council for acceptance. Service will commence on the date approved by the Fire Board.

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